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Herb Carter Jr.

Herb Carter Jr.


Born and raised in Plattsburgh New York, Herb began playing solo shows in 1981 at such places as The Rook, PSUC at The Point, Zachary's and The Backstage on Broadway in Saranac Lake. Herb put his own spin on cover tunes but really made his mark with his originals. In 1984 Herb moved to Albany to have knee surgery and recover at his brothers and he has yet to find the exit. Herb formed the duo RH Factor with Reinhard Straub and played at such venues as Bogie's, The Lark Tavern, Rolls Touring Company, 288 Lark, and Yesterday's. After getting married in 1990 to Sandrajo Annello, Herb took a 19 year hiatus from playing out to raise his three sons, Brian, Jesse and Samuel until Sandrajo's tragic passing in 2009 from lung cancer. One of Sandrajo's last requests was that Herb buy a new twelve string guitar and start playing out again. 

Justin Donohoe

Justin Donohoe


After beginning his musical career as a drummer and then later a bass player, Justin Donohoe settled on the guitar at a very young age and has never looked back. Growing up just outside of Saratoga Springs, NY, he played in several High School projects but really came into form at Hamilton College in a band called ‘The Armadillos’. As a music minor Justin was able to add keyboards to the repertoire and work on his singing chops as a member of the Oratory Society. After college, Justin earnestly pursued music in a collaboration with Michael Koebbeman called DV8 that started in Florida and ended up back in Saratoga Springs. After cutting a 4 song EP at Sweetfish Studios in Argyle, NY the band saw some local success with their song ‘Freedom’ ultimately getting time on the local radio station FLY92 FM.
Life and family soon intervened, however, taking Justin on a different route for the next several years. Today Justin plays acoustic and electric guitar with Herb Carter Jr. as ’18 Strings Of Trouble’ in Upstate NY playing their unique version of various contemporary and classic covers as well as putting out original music. 

Duo or Band - We've Got You Covered!


18 Strings Of Trouble delivers an authentic, polished, classic rock sound. The band formed with the goal of entertaining audiences of all ages playing everything from the Rolling Stones to Bruce Springsteen to Kings Of Leon to original music. Available both as an acoustic duo as well as a full on band, 18 Strings Of Trouble covers a range that will appeal to any audience. 


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Our Story

Let the trouble begin...

Herb Carter Jr. is known as a musician’s musician – always willing to collaborate and share both the stage and the jam to allow other players to join in, feel the grove, and add their soul to the mix. Often playing solo and wanting to provide the best show for the audience, Herb has      

developed a talent for bringing guests up on stage to take the music to a new and different realm. 


Justin Donohoe has spent the majority of his music career in various bands, solo efforts and collaborative projects gaining a keen ability to adapt and layer his guitar sounds to fit the vibe of the song at hand. It comes as no surprise that the two met at a multi artist event with Herb playing solo with his trusty 12-string and inviting Justin to bring his electric guitar on stage to add some licks to a classic jam favorite, ‘Down By The River’. 

After a warm reception from the patrons, Herb decided to stay with the Neil Young vein and set the 18 Strings to work on another epic piece, ‘Like A Hurricane’. Literally within minutes a large cumulonimbus cloud accompanied by a very strong wind appeared out of nowhere toppling a very large white pine and bringing an abrupt halt to the show. The tree just barely missed a windmill, several cars and a picnic table full of concert goers and fell harmlessly on the ground not far from the stage. This, however, would be merely the first sign of the ‘Trouble’ that would be wrought by the combined forces of the 18 Strings! 

Realizing they had something that worked well, Herb and Justin set out to play together formerly at a couple of successful events. Soon thereafter, another outdoor venue presented as a suitable destination. Although the clouds were a bit more visible at the onset, the duo decided to play on and hope for clearer skies. All went well until the two fell upon one of Herb’s original songs, ‘The Storm’. True to form the skies opened up almost instantly ending their second attempt to play an outdoor show. 

When a newspaper reporter covering the event inquired about a name for the duo, Herb knew there could only be one answer – 18 Strings Of Trouble. The rest is history as they say. 

Today you can find Herb and Justin playing various forms of instrumentation with Herb playing his 6-string acoustic as often as the 12 (and even breaking out the electric from time to time). Their collaboration with other musicians continues as well incorporating as many as 7 musicians or more depending on the venue. 

Just beware that if the venue is outside and the song is weather related, ‘Trouble’ may not be far away... 

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